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Roland VP-540 Printer
Sale Process

Digital Printing

Digital Transfer Printing

TThis is a 1440dpi CMYK solvent ink print onto a white vinyl sheet that can be heat pressed on to fabric. Our printer can cut to any shape to suit the logo, often not leaving a white border if the logo doesn’t need it.

Unlike screen printing, where the ink absorbs slightly into the garment, transfers sit on top of the garment. This means they look sharp and bright. Digital Transfers are washable up to 60C and suitable to dry clean and iron. Available in many colours!

Certain products or logos are better suited using the transfer printing method which involves heat pressing cut vinyl polymers onto garments.

  • Individual Names and Numbers
  • Nylon fabrics - waterproofs, hi-vis jackets, umbrellas
  • Spandex sports and leisurewear
  • Promotional - Fun T's
  • Much more.

Art Work

A vector art file from Illustrator or CorelDraw (.eps, .ai, .cdr) gives the best results and makes the output look great. For CMYK images, a hi-resolution bitmap over 300dpi is needed (jpegs, .bmp, .png, .gif, .psd, or .tif.


  • Fixed setup regardless of colours. This makes it very economic for short runs.
  • Fast turnaround because there is no inks to mix or screens to make.
  • This process is great for highly detailed images that have more than 4 colours.
  • For nylon bags and other garments that will never be washed, this process is the best. Bright vibrant colours.
  • As it is a digital process it is very easy to make garment unique.


  • Due to the CMYK process some PMS colours are difficult to match,the best is done to match but we do not guarantee colour matches. In bitmap files certain colours will match exactly while others colours will come close but not exact.
  • Charges are based on the size of print and if it is a bigger print then other methods of branding may become more cost effective.
  • The cutting knife and cut to a certain size and fine prints are difficult to cut and weed.
  • Since the print is done on Vinyl material the colour is bound to fade after a number of washes. We let the transfer dry to 12 hours before application but the longevity is not as good as a Screen print or embroidery.

We can supply…………………

Digital Paper & Pet Films, Wall Graphics, Digital Textiles

Poster Paper, Photo Paper, Blockout Banner, and Backlit Film.

Poster frames

Grip frames A4-A1 sizes

Others Items available….

Footpath Signs, Rolls ups and Banner Stands, Sign Mounts, Screw caps, Banner hold ups.